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Honda Brake Pad Replacement

Honda Brake Pad Replacement in Austin, TX

We provide local Honda owners with brake pad replacement in a state-of-the-art service center meeting certified standards and factory specifications. Our factory-trained and certified technicians become Honda brake system experts with extensive experience performing inspections, pad measurement, and replacement service. Honda-certified brake pad replacement service includes installing genuine OEM parts meeting stringent quality assurances, including the perfect fit, performance, and durability guaranteed by a Honda warranty. We post limited-time specials that commonly feature popular services like front and rear brake pad replacement. Continue learning about the Honda brake system and brake pad maintenance, then schedule your brake pad replacement service at First Texas Honda in Austin, TX.

Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service

Honda Brake System & Brake Pad Maintenance

Honda manufactures every model, including the Pilot, HR-V, Civic, CR-V, and Accord, with a brake system, promoting a safe driving experience by generating friction between the brake pads and rotors bolted to the wheels. Pressing the brake pedal activates the master cylinder that sends amplified pressure through brake lines to the calipers. The calipers clamp the brake pads into the rotors to generate extreme friction that resists forward momentum and stops your vehicle. Brake pads have a steel plate holding a high-friction metal composite that contacts the rotors. Brake pads wear down contingent on the intensity of use and need replacement when measuring no less than 3-4 mm. Front brake pads often wear down faster due to load-bearing differences at the front and rear axles that cause the front brake pads to handle more friction. A brake pad inspection reveals if your Honda needs all, rear, or front pad replacement service.

Honda-Certified Brake Pad Replacement Service

Honda owners choose us for the peace of mind provided by Honda-certified brake pad replacement services. A factory-trained and certified technician removes the wheel assemblies, detaches the calipers, removes the old brake pads, inspects the brake system, and installs genuine OEM pads from our on-site Honda parts department.

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Honda owners in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Lakeway – be sure to schedule your next brake pad replacement service appointments with us to ensure the safety of you and your Honda! Stop by our Honda Express Service department without an appointment for a quick brake inspection with pad measurement. Our online service scheduling offers maximum convenience.

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