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Check Engine Light and SRS Diagnosis Coupon at First Texas Honda

For the safety and performance of your Honda, we are now offering FREE diagnostic service of your emissions, check engine and supplemental restraint warning lights. If you currently have any of these lights illuminated and need to know the cause and fixes associated schedule an appointment today. First Texas Honda’s Service Center is open 7 days a week and offers more amenities and complimentary Honda rental vehicles than the other dealers in Texas. Our prices are affordable and the service performed by Certified Technicians and Master Techs are the best! We put you first.

Failure to receive a reliable diagnosis and complete the necessary repairs can result in unsafe driving conditions and more costly repairs to your Honda in the future.

Honda Emissions Diagnostic

In the state of Texas, there are requirements that have to be checked and met by your vehicle every year to renew the registration of your Honda. For your safety, and the air quality of our community it is important to check any issues your vehicle may have and get them fixed if necessary.

Honda Supplemental Restraint Diagnostic

Sometimes referred to and dashboard light is shown as SRS, the supplemental restraint system means the system that adds to your protection along with your seat belt. The main components of the SRS system in your Honda are:

  • An airbag in the steering wheel and an airbag in the dashboard to protect the driver and front seat passenger.
  • An indicator light to warn you of any possible problems to the system
  • An internal diagnostic system that continuously monitors the sensors, airbag activator, control unit, and related wiring whenever the ignition is on.
  • Emergency power backup in the event that your Honda’s electrical system is damaged or disconnected in a crash.

Honda Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, it can be indicative of a number of problems with your vehicle. The 5 most common reasons are:

  1. Your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced
  2. Your gas cap is damaged, loose, or missing
  3. Your Honda’s catalytic converter needs replacing
  4. Mass airflow sensor needs replacing
  5. Your spark plugs or wires need to be replaced

Complimentary pick-up and delivery available by request

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