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Honda Wheel Alignment Good For Tires in Austin

New tires are one of the biggest vehicle investments you will make in the lifespan of your Honda. Protect your new investment with a computerized 4-wheel alignment with purchase of 4 tires. Only at First Texas Honda in Austin. There is no better time to get into new tires with this limited time offer.

Unsure if you need new tires? Be on the lookout for the early worn tire warning signs:

  1. Excessive Vibration – There is a normal amount that can occur with poor road conditions and then there is too much vibration occurring on a paved road that seems abnormal compared to the vehicle’s history. This can either mean that your tires are misaligned or that your tires are wearing out.
  2. Cracks in the Tire Sidewall – Inspect for cuts or cracks in the sidewall of your Honda’s tires. These grooves will be visible to the naked eye. Signifying your tire is developing a leak, or worse.
  3. Bulges or Blisters on the Tire – Sometimes the outer surface of the tire begins to weaken, resulting in a bulge or blister that extends outwards from the rest of the tire surface. Sometimes this can be caused by running over a pothole or other road conditions. These type of weak spots can cause a sudden and scary blowout.
  4. Shortened Tread Depth – The tread part of your Honda’s tires should never be beneath 1/16″ in depth. In slippery weather and road conditions you would driver safer on double that depth.

Of course, if you bring your Honda into our Service Department we can inspect your tires for you to estimate the tire life and if it is time to replace. First Texas Honda’s Certified Tire Center is the best place in the Austin area to purchase your Honda’s new tires because they not only have a large inventory in-stock, but our friendly experts know just the right tire for your Honda’s model year to best coincide with your driving habits.

Why 4-wheels alignments though?

  • Extended the life of your tires because the different tire positions have different functions and wear differently
  • Save on fuel economy with functioning tires
  • Improved safety and handling performance with correctly maintained tires

Schedule our state-of-the-art computerized Honda 4-wheel alignment service today and see the difference in your Honda’s handling as well as your wallet. See the First Texas Honda difference. We put you first.

Complimentary pick-up and delivery available by request

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