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Honda Tire Rotation Service Austin

Properly maintained tires provide increased traction for better steering and vehicle controlimproved fuel economy, and an overall smoother ride. As you drive your Honda weight is shifted to points of the vehicle resulting in distinct wear patterns on your tires. By having your tires rotated you can avoid prolonged uneven wear. Rotating your tires helps the tires last longer which maximize your investment. Tire rotation also enables Austin Honda drivers to brake more evenly and balances handling increasing the safety of your vehicle.

Do your tires need to be rotated but don’t think you have the time? Come experience First Texas Honda’s fresh approach to servicing your Honda. This is possible due to the use of our special process, equipment, tools, and of course our Honda-trained technicians. Our Honda Service Technicians are factory trained and certified ensuring your Honda vehicle will be in great hands.

Honda Service Department

  • Honda Factory Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Continental Cafe – providing gourmet beverages, snacks, wifi, etc.

First Texas Honda is located at: 3400 Steck Ave • Austin, TX 78757

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