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Honda original equipment fuel pumps are available at our Austin Honda parts department. We stock a large inventory of OEM fuel pumps and our factory trained Honda parts experts are available to talk about Honda fuel pumps and answer any questions you may have about selecting fuel components for your Honda.

A fuel pump is an essential component on your Honda vehicle. Check the sound when you turn your Honda’s ignition, make sure to listen to the gas tank and see if you can hear the pump motor – it will sound like a whirling electric motor if it is working. Symptoms of a failing fuel pump include:

  • A slow-starting Honda, or one that won’t start at all, is an early warning sign, especially if you know that your Honda’s starter and battery are in full operating order.
  • A screeching sound when your Honda is engaged. The sound will occur when the engine is first started and then disappear.
  • If your Honda starts up fine but begins to sputter after a few miles.
  • Your Honda’s engine loses power whenever hauling a trailer or climbing hills.
  • Your Honda’s engine misfires at highway speeds, causing miles of problems. Also, sluggish or hesitant acceleration.

Do you need a particular Honda part for your vehicle? Come experience First Texas Honda’s huge inventory of Honda parts and talk with our friendly staff.  In our Austin parts department, you will find a team of knowledgeable Honda parts experts as well as a vast inventory of in-stock parts and accessories. Our Honda Parts Specialists are factory trained and certified, ensuring your Honda parts questions and needs will be answered and satisfied.

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