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Honda Engine Air Filter Replacement Service Austin

Maintaining the correct ratio of air to fuel is an important aspect of your Honda’s engine performance. A clean engine air filter will positively affect your vehicle’s horsepower and fuel economy. Replacing your Honda engine air filter is an easy maintenance service to get the most out of your vehicle and extend the life of its engine.

Austin’s First Texas Honda service technicians will remove the Honda air filter element from the air filter housing, inspect the fresh air duct hose for damage, obstructions or dirt and then clean the air filter housing. Next, the technician will check the warm air intake hose for deterioration. Finally, they will install your new Honda filter element, and reinstall the air filter housing access panel.

Does your Honda engine need an air filter replacement but don’t think you have the time? Come experience First Texas Honda’s fresh approach to servicing your Honda. This is possible due to the use of our special process, equipment, tools, and of course our Honda-trained technicians. Our Honda Service Technicians are factory trained and certified ensuring your Honda vehicle will be in great hands.

Honda Engine Air Filter

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