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Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service Austin

Do the brake pads on your Honda need to be replaced? After thousands of miles of driving, brake pads wear down, significantly reducing their ability to stop a vehicle. Often, a squealing noise indicates it is time to have your brake pads replaced. Getting your Honda’s brakes serviced is a breeze with First Texas Honda’s Service. Come experience First Texas Honda’s fresh approach to servicing your Honda. Without cutting any corners we are able to subtract the time it takes for many routine servicing in half.  This is possible due to the use of our special process, equipment, tools and of course our Honda trained technicians. Our Honda Service Technicians are factory trained and certified ensuring your Honda vehicle will be in good hands.

Brake Pads For Honda

Honda Service Department

  • Honda Certified Technicians
  • Continental Cafe – providing gourmet beverages, snacks, wifi, etc.

First Texas Honda is located at: 3400 Steck Ave • Austin, TX 78757

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