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As an Acura owner, you have one of the best, most technologically advanced automobiles on the road today. Acura automobiles are known for their innovative design, superior engineering, superb performance, smooth handling and amazing durability. If you live or work in Austin, Texas or the nearby cities of Round Rock, Georgetown and Bastrop and want to ensure your Acura continues to deliver optimal performance, bring it to First Texas Honda any time it needs service, maintenance or repair. We are a certified Acura dealership and can help you maximize your vehicle’s precision-crafted performance.

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We Have

Acura-Trained Service Technicians

One of the keys to making sure your Acura continues to deliver optimal performance is to only have it serviced by Acura experts. Whether you need an oil change, regularly scheduled maintenance, major service, tune-ups, brake service, parts, accessories or repairs, just give us a call. Our service department has Acura-trained technicians and the tools, equipment, parts and accessories made especially for all years and models of Acura automobiles. Plus, our technicians have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your Acura has exactly what it needs to always keep it in tiptop condition.

We Only Use

Genuine Acura Parts And Accessories

To ensure your Acura car or SUV maintains its superior performance, as part of our top-quality service we use only genuine Acura parts, fluids and accessories made by the original equipment manufacturer. They are specially engineered and manufactured to help your Acura meet its original specifications. Plus, genuine Acura parts, fluids and accessories seamlessly integrate into your vehicle, enhance its form and function and prolong its life and increase its resale value. Made specifically for your year and model Acura automobile, genuine Acura replacement parts, fluids and accessories are the right parts to keep it running like new.

Precision Parts That Enhance Performance

We can help protect your Acura’s superb performance, innovative technology and top-notch engineering by using only precision parts and accessories that fit flawlessly and compliment your Acura’s safety, comfort, handling, durability and fuel economy. We use original Acura equipment tires with exceptional speed and load ratings, Acura batteries with 100-month limited warranties for dependable starting power and genuine Acura motor oil specially formulated, blended and tested so it meets the strict requirements for lubricating and protecting the moving parts in the most finely tuned Acura engines.

Proper, Timely,

Maintenance Services Is Vital

Acura automobiles are among the best made vehicles the world has ever seen. However, even well-made machines need proper and timely maintenance performed so that they can keep providing the exceptional acceleration, ride and handling they were designed to deliver. As a certified Acura dealer, we have exclusive access to information on the optimal time and methods for providing maintenance services on your Acura automobile. Call or contact us and we can schedule the ideal time for our Acura factory-trained technicians to service your vehicle.

Services We Provide

At First Texas Honda we provide Acura owners who live or work in Austin, Texas and the surrounding cities of Round Rock, Georgetown and Bastrop with a wide range of important services to keep their automobiles functioning properly. Our Acura service includes a wide variety of tasks and inspections (including Acura engine light diagnosis) performed by our specially-trained technicians in a very short time. They include:

A Service
Oil Change
Check, Charge & Change Battery
Multi-Point Inspection
B Service
Brake Service
Light Bulb Replacement
Suspension Service
Differential Fluid Exchange
Tire Service
Engine Light Diagnosis
Air Filter Replacements
AC Evaporator Service
Chassis Inspection
Replace Worn / Damaged Parts
Timing Belt Replacement
Tire Rotation
Replace Engine Coolant
Seat Belt Inspection
Wiper Blade Replacement
Clutch Service
Transmission Service
Wheel Alignment
Vital Fluid Inspection

These maintenance services are recommended at 7,500 mile to 15,000 mile intervals. Call us today to schedule your Acura service.

We Help Maintain Solid Performance & Dependability

Acura automobiles are designed and built to deliver exceptional performance and solid dependability. Our Acura factory-trained technicians have the tools, equipment and genuine Acura replacement parts and fluids to keep your vehicle in tiptop condition. It’s integral to keeping your Acura well-tuned that you have only Acura factory-trained technicians with the right tools, equipment and supplies designed especially for your vehicle work on it. If you live or work in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown or Bastrop, Texas or surrounding communities, our conveniently located Acura dealership can provide all the specialized Acura repair or maintenance services you need.

The Right Fluids Make A Major Difference

The motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid and power steering fluid in your Acura loses their protective properties with time and wear and must be replaced on a regular basis. When you visit First Texas Honda to have the fluids in your Acura changed, we use genuine Acura motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and power steering fluid. They are designed and formulated specifically for your Acura and can make a dramatic difference in protecting its engine and transmission parts. They have a special oil base and an exclusive combination of friction modifiers.

Genuine Acura Fluids in Austin, TX

Genuine Acura Power Steering Fluid

Inferior power steering fluid subjects important parts of your Acura’s power steering system to high levels of friction and causes it to make noise. The genuine Acura power steering fluid we use has a higher level of viscosity than most other types of power steering fluid. The genuine Acura power steering fluid we use is made to effectively counter friction. It’s also 100% compatible with all of the components in every Acura automobile’s power steering system. It’s been proven time and again that using genuine Acura power steering fluid helps Acura automobiles’ power steering systems run more quietly and last longer.

Quality Services At Affordable Prices

At First Texas Honda we can provide your Acura with the quality services it needs at prices you can afford. Whether you need something as basic as an Acura oil change or as major as Acura repair services, we can perform these services the right way, right away and at the right price. We take the guesswork, long waits and uncertainty out of getting your vehicle the proper Acura oil change or other Acura service it needs without you having to pay an arm and a leg for it. When you bring your Acura to First Texas Honda we will provide you with fast, high-quality service at affordable prices.

Don’t Wait, Call Today

The heat and humidity in Texas and driving thousands of miles on all types of terrain in the often wild weather for which the state is known can take a serious toll on your Acura. Waiting too long to get your vehicle thoroughly checked and properly serviced can cause minor mechanical and physical damage to lead to costly repairs unnecessarily. Contact us today to have your precious Acura thoroughly inspected. We can help protect your Acura’s mechanical components from oxidation, corrosion, rust and harmful deposits that can negatively impact its stellar performance and its durability.

We Are Acura Experts

At First Texas Honda, we are Acura experts. We know your Acura well and have the tools, up-to-date technical resources, genuine Acura parts and highly-skilled, experienced Acura-trained professional service technicians with the expertise needed to keep your Acura running smoothly, delivering optimal performance and prolong its life. Check your owner’s manual for your maintenance schedule and call us today.

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